The Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial


Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Welcome to The Infinite Flight Community Event Tutorial! This tutorial is aimed to show off every aspect of creating an event and to answer any questions you may have about doing so. Events are a great way to engage with the Infinite Flight Community and hopefully after reading this topic in full, you will be ready produce your first IFC Event! Let us begin, shall we?

你好!Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! 欢迎来到无限试飞社区活动教程! 本教程旨在展示创建活动的方方面面,并回答您在创建活动时可能遇到的任何问题。连飞活动是与IFC互动的好方法,希望在完整阅读本主题后,您将准备好创建您的第一个IFC活动! 让我们开始吧!


Section I - General Overview 第一节 —— 概述

:airplane: About The Events Category 关于活动类别

:airplane: The Basics of An Event 活动的基本要素

Section II - Types of Events 第二节 —— 活动类别

:airplane: Fly-In/Fly-Out Events 飞进/飞出

:airplane: Point-to-Point Events 点对点

:airplane: Other Types of Events 其他

Section III - Extra Tips and Tricks 第三节 —— 额外的提示与技巧

:airplane: Discourse Formatting Discourse排版

:airplane: Earning a Reputation 赢得声誉

Section IV - Getting the Community Involved 第四节 —— 让社区参与

:airplane: Inviting Virtual Airlines/Virtual Organizations 邀请VA/VO

:airplane: Involving The Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Group - IFATC 邀请IFATC

见下贴 Section V - Official Events 第五节 —— 官方活动

:airplane: 见下贴 Friday Night Flight 周五夜间飞行

:airplane: 见下贴 Flash Flight 闪电航班

见下贴 Section VI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 第六节 —— 回答常见问题(FAQ)

:airplane: 见下贴 Frequently Asked Questions 常问问题

Section I - General Overview 第一节 —— 概述

About The Events Category

About The Events Category 关于活动类别

While the Infinite Flight Community encourages community engagement, there are a few guidelines that you must consider before putting an event together to ensure your event has quality.




General Guidelines 一般准则:

  • To post a topic on the #live:events Category, you must be TL2 or above. See HERE for more information on trust level
  • Events may not be posted more than 30 days before the date of the event
  • If the event date is changed, and the new date is outside of this 30-day rule, you must make a new topic when the proposed date is within 30 days
  • You may only postpone the event once
  • Voice-based ATC events are not permitted
  • Users may only post a maximum of 6 events per month

  • 要在#live:event类别上发布主题,您必须是TL2或以上。更多关于信任等级的信息,请看这里
  • 活动发布时间不得超过活动日期前30天。
  • 如果活动日期发生变化,而新的日期不在这30天的规则之内,你必须在提议的日期在30天之内的时候,做一个新的主题。
  • 您可能只会推迟一次活动
  • 不允许基于语音的空管活动
  • 用户每月最多只能发布6个活动。

Title Guidelines 标题要求:

  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details of the event
  • Titles cannot include attendee numbers
  • Titles cannot include anything in brackets
  • Titles must be under 120 characters

  • 标题不能包括活动的赞助细节
  • 标题不能包括参加人数
  • 标题不能包含括号内的任何内容
  • 标题必须在120字以内

How To Format The Title 如何制作标题


DD = 日
MON = 月
YY = 年

HH = 小时
MM = 分钟
Z = 祖鲁时间

Title = 活动标题
ICAO - ICAO (可选) = 您的活动出发和到达的机场的4个字母的机场代码(某些活动不需要到达机场)

Example 举个栗子:chestnut::

01AUG20 / 2000Z - Event Tutorial @ TNCM to TFFJ

Contact @MishaCamp For Questions & More Information. All Guidelines can be found here as well


The Basics of An Event 活动基本要素

The Basics of An Event 活动基本要素

Let’s start off with what an event is. 我们先说说什么是活动

Event - noun; a planned public or social gathering occasion
活动 - 名词;有计划的公共或社会聚会场合

So what does that have any use for you as a future event creator? Well that definition has 3 key things for you to consider…


1.) Planned - Some effort should go into your event posting. Try not to rush it - take your time and plan it out to the best of your ability
2.) Gathering - The point of an event is to bring people together for said event
3.) Occasion - The event should be made with a common goal or occasion to have the said event

1.)有计划 - 在你的活动发布中应该付出一些努力。尽量不要急于求成 -慢慢来,尽最大的能力去计划。
2.)聚集 - 活动的目的是让人们聚集在一起参加上述活动。
3.)场合 - 活动应该有一个共同的目标或场合,才会有上述活动。

It All Starts With An Idea 所有的一切都从一个想法开始

All events start off as an idea. Having issues developing an event idea? Follow these 6 steps below


1.) Choose the Event Type (Fly-Out/Fly-In/Point-to-Point/Other - See below)
2.) Choose the starting airport
3.) Choose the ending airport
4.) Choose a date and time for this event to occur
5.) Choose what aircraft/livery will be used during this event
6.) Choose the common goal for this event

1.) 选择活动类型(飞出/飞入/点对点/其他 - 见下文)。
2.) 选择起始机场
3.) 选择终点机场
4.) 选择本次活动的日期和时间。
5.) 选择本次活动期间将使用的飞机/涂装
6.) 选择本次活动的共同目标

See This Thread Here 请看这个主题: A Guide To Creating Events - Community Tutorials - Infinite Flight Community

Now once you have all of those figured out… You have basically created the event! Now time to get further into details about what each type of event means and what’s entailed in each one…

现在,一旦你有所有这些想通了… 你基本上已经创建了活动! 现在是时候进一步了解每一种类型的活动意味着什么,以及每一种类型的事件所包含的细节了。

Section II - Types of Events 第二节 —— 活动类别

On the Infinite Flight Community, events are categorized into 3 main categories. These events all have a different objective to them but all share the common goal in bringing joy to a virtual pilots life.


Fly-In/Fly-Out Events 飞入/飞出

Fly-In/Fly-Out Events 飞入/飞出

A fly-in/fly-out is a pre-arranged gathering at a specific airport of pilots/aircraft in which they arrive/depart at the same time for a purpose.


Fly-In | Easy Copy and Paste Format 飞入|简单的复制粘贴格式
<div align=center>

# Title 
About event (in brief) 
## Event Details 
**Sever -**
**Airport -**
**Event Time -** [date=2028-02-29 time=20:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"] → [date=2028-02-29 time=22:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"]


## Published STARs
**Runway 23L -**
Insert STAR
Insert STAR

**Runway 23R -**
Insert STAR
Insert STAR

[details="Runway 23L Landings"]
| Fly-In Slot | Origin Airport | Airline | Aircraft | Pilot | Callsign |
| 2000Z | Denver [KDEN] | Deer Jet Express | CRJ9 | @DeerCrusher | DeerCrusher |
| 2002Z | Melbourne [YMML] | Aussie Airlines | A388 | @Declan_O | D-3CO |
| 2004Z | Rochester [KROC] | Tank Engine Corps | C130 | @tomthetank | Fly-by-Wire |
| 2006Z | Fort Wayne [KFWA] | Smithley Jet Corps | B737 | @JoshFly8 | A8JS |
| 2008Z | Dallas [KDFW] | Shafferland Consulting Express | A321 | @Chris_S | Texan One |
[details="Runway 23R Landings""]
| Fly-In Slot | Origin Airport | Airline | Aircraft | Pilot | Callsign |
| 2000Z | San Francisco [KSFO] | Purdue Boiler Cargo | B77F | @naro | N-RBW |
| 2002Z | Isle of Man [ENGS] | FlyManx | CRJ2 | @AdamCallow | M-agic |
| 2004Z | Calgary [CYYC] | Canadian Sunrise | A359 | @Damian | C-DAME |
| 2006Z | Zurich [LSZH] | Swiss Aviation | DC10 | @Marc | N9MARC |
| 2008Z | Lexington [KLEX] | ATC Skyways | F-16 | @Joe | N192WM |


Fly-Out | Easy Copy and Paste Format 飞出|简单的复制粘贴格式
<div align=center>

# Title
About event (in brief)
## Event Details
**Sever -**
**Airport -**
**Event Time -** [date=2028-02-29 time=20:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"] → [date=2028-02-29 time=22:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"]

[details="Terminal 1"]
| Gate | Destination Airport | Airline | Aircraft | Pilot | Callsign |
| Gate 01 | Vancouver [CYVR] | Balloon and Company | B752 | @Balloonchaser | Balloonchaser |
| Gate 02 | Toronto [CYYZ] | Jason Expressways | E175 | @jasonrosewell | C-GANJ |
| Gate 03 | Harrisburg [KMDT] | Shelton Air | B738 | @Tyler_Shelton | N1TJ |
| Gate 04 | London [EGLL] | Regan Commuter | B788 | @RAH | RAH |
| Gate 05 | Stockholm [ESSA] | R2-D2 | B772 | @schyllberg | Rogue One |
[details="Terminal 2"]
| Gate | Destination Airport | Airline | Aircraft | Pilot | Callsign |
| Gate 01 | Edinburgh [EGPH] | Unicorn Airways | A318 | @MishaCamp | G-MISH |
| Gate 02 | Edinburgh [EGPH] | LiveFlight Limited | B739 | @Cameron | EC-CAM |
| Gate 03 | Munich [EDDM] | Bavaria Air | A359 | @Moritz | Realism Police |
| Gate 04 | Paris [LFPG] | Directeur Général Airlines | B748 | @Laura | N1TG |
| Gate 05 | San Francisco [KSFO] | Rocket Man Aviators | DH8D | @Philippe | N557XC |


What You Need For a Fly-In/Fly-Out 飞入飞出所需要的东西:

  • Comprehensive Gate List 综合机位列表
  • Published Plan [Pushback Plan, Landing Plan, etc] 已发布的计划[推出计划、着陆计划等]。
  • Coherent Instructions [Both Pre and During Event] 一致的指令[活动前和活动期间]

Examples of Good Fly-In Events 飞入优秀作业:

Examples of Good Fly-Out Events 飞出优秀作业:

Point-to-Point Events 点对点

Point-to-Point Events 点对点

Point-to-point events are the most common events held in our community! During these events, aircraft fly from one airport to another as a group.


Easy Copy and Paste Format 复制粘贴
<div align=center>

# Title
About event (in brief)
## Event Details
**Sever -**
**Starting Airport -**
**Destination Airport -**
**Aircraft -**
**Livery -**
**Flight Time -**
**Event Time -** [date=2028-02-29 time=20:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"] → [date=2028-02-29 time=22:00:00 format="LLLL" timezone="America/New_York"]


## Flight Details
**Cruise Altitude -**
**Cruise Speed -**
**Flightplan -**


## Gates

| Gate | Pilot | Callsign |
| Gate 01 | @infiniteflight_17 | Infinite Flight 17 |
| Gate 02 | @Drummer | DRUMMER |
| Gate 03 | @Bobby | N1BK |
| Gate 04 | @Raze | E14-A3 |
| Gate 05 | @lucaviness | L-UCA |
| Gate 06 | @Rob_M | RM03 |
| Gate 07 | @Krypton | KRYPTON |
| Gate 08 | @Chris_Hoss | I F A E Eleven |
| Gate 09 | @IanD | BOE-ING |
| Gate 10 | @TimR | QVG4 |
| Gate 11 | @FlyingTarsier | PR031 |
| Gate 12 | @Luke_M | QJX |
| Gate 13 | @TRDubh | TR-DUBH |
| Gate 14 | @Alex_E | VH-ALX |
| Gate 15 | @VulicityHD | N231ZB |
| Gate 16 | @Manav_Suri | AFKLM016 |
| Gate 17 | @TheAviationGallery | MHVA001 |
| Gate 18 | @Velocity23 | Velocity 23 |
| Gate 19 | @CameronH21 | Nor Shuttle 3204 |
| Gate 20 | @Charlie_Stevens | VH-CHAR |


What You Need For a Point-to-Point Event:

  • Comprehensive Gate List
  • Published Plan [Pushback Plan, Taxi Plan, Flight Plan, etc]
  • Coherent Instructions [Both Pre and during Event]

Examples of Good Point-to-Point Events:

Other Types of Events 其他

Other Types of Events 其他

While Fly-In’s, Fly-Out’s and Point-to-Point Events might be the most popular on the Infinite Flight Community, there are plenty of other styles of events! In particular, airshows are one of the most unique and intricate events you may come across here on the IFC. They’re not only fun, they’re also informative, adrenaline-inducing and ‘food for the flying bug’. Unlike most events, they are literal shows! While hosting airshows come with many challenges, there’s many tricks to make your airshow go as planned!

虽然飞入、飞出和点对点活动可能是IFC最受欢迎的活动,但还有很多其他风格的活动!尤其是航展,它是您在IFC上可能遇到的最独特、最复杂的活动之一。特别是,航展是您在IFC上可能遇到的最独特、最复杂的活动之一。它们不仅有趣,而且信息量大,令人肾上腺素飙升,是 “飞行虫的食物”。与大多数活动不同的是,它们是真正的表演! 虽然主办航展有很多挑战,但有很多技巧可以让你的航展如期举行。

What You Need For a Good Airshow Event 一个好的航展活动需要什么?:

  • Find a suitable location for this airshow - Most airshows are held at Air Force Bases or over large bodies of water like bays or beaches.
  • Published Plan - For a successful airshow, you want each performer to have an established time slot for their performance.
  • A Team - Unlike a normal event, airshows require a team. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”; the same philosophy runs for this style of event! You may want to include at least a Commentator, DJ and/or an Air Boss. The Air Boss is basically the show’s controller. He works with the performers similar to ATCs. He advises performers on when to get going - and when their time is over. The Commentator is the guy over the speaker. He guides the spectators through performances, provides info on aircraft and more. A DJ works with the commentator to manage the playlists of songs a performer may include for the show. On top of all of that, you’re going to want the performers to know the ins and outs of how the event is going to work, so you might want to include them on the planning team.
  • Tune out Trolling - The worst thing that can happen during an airshow event on the Casual Server is a ‘troll’ comes to try to ruin the event. Don’t let that occur! Go into this event with the mindset that someone will probably show up and not be informed about the thread. While not much can be done to stop an active troll, always try to keep a positive attitude during your event as the ‘Show Must Go On!’

一个团队–与一般的活动不同,航展需要一个团队。如果您听说过 "养育一个孩子需要一个村子 "这句话,那么这种活动也需要同样的理念!您可能希望至少有一个人参加。您可能希望至少包括一名评论员、DJ和/或空中老板。空中老板基本上是节目的控制者。他与表演者一起工作,类似于ATCs。他建议表演者什么时候开始,什么时候结束。解说员是在扬声器上的人。他引导观众观看表演,提供飞机信息等。DJ与解说员一起工作,管理表演者在表演中可能包含的歌曲播放列表。除此之外,你会希望表演者知道事件的来龙去脉,所以你可能会希望将他们纳入策划团队。
调出捣乱者 - 在CS服务器的航展活动中,最糟糕的事情就是 "troll "来破坏活动。不要让这种情况发生! 不要让这种情况发生!要抱着有人可能会出现而不被通知的心态去参加这次活动。虽然不能阻止一个活跃的巨魔,但在活动中要保持积极的态度,因为 “表演必须继续!”。

NOTE: Discord is not permitted to be advertised via the Infinite Flight Community. There are exceptions but contact an Infinite Flight Moderator to ask further questions about what you can do

注意: IFC不允许放置discord链接。有例外情况,但请联系IFC版主,询问更多关于您可以做什么的问题。

Examples of Good Airshows 航展优秀作业:

Examples of Good Summits 峰会优秀作业:

Section III - Extra Tips and Tricks 第三节 —— 额外的提示与技巧

Discourse Formatting 排版

Discourse Formatting 排版

The Discourse interface can sometimes be tricky to understand; but it doesn’t have to be! If you are having any issues at all with Discourse formatting while creating your event, continue reading!


Insert Date 插入日期


Hide Details 隐藏详情

This feature allows you to hide information. To hide them, simply press the :gear: icon (See image 1, 11. [a]) and select Hide Details.

此功能允许您隐藏信息。要隐藏它们,只需按:gear:图标(见图1,11. [a])并选择隐藏详细信息


Example 举个栗子:chestnut:

[details="Open me"] Hi! [/details]


Open me


Horizontal Rule 横向规则

AKA page break. This feature allows you to separate text with a line. To make that line appear, there are 3 options:

  • Use 3 or more asterisks (*)
  • Use 3 or more underscores, also known as underdashes (_)
  • Use 3 or more dashes (-)


  • 使用3个或更多星号(*)
  • 使用3个或更多的下划线,也称为下划线(_)。
  • 使用3个或更多的破折号(-)。

Example 栗子 - (*) / (_) / (-)


Result 结果

Another cool option to separate text is the following 另一个很酷的文字分隔选项是以下:

Example 栗子 - “>”


Result 结果

Text Alignment 文本对齐

You have the ability to align the text right or center

Centered Text 文本剧中

To get a centered text, simply use <div align=center> Text </div>
要获得居中的文本,只需使用<div align=center>```Text```</div>

Example 栗子

<div align=center>

This is a centered text


Example 结果

This is a centered text

Text - right 文本右侧对齐

To get a text aligned, simply use <div align=right> Text </div>
要使文本对齐,只需使用<div align=right>```Text``</div>

Example 栗子

<div align=right>



Example 结果


You are advised to leave some space between the div format (as shown above) otherwise, there is a possibility this function not to work.


Headings 标题

If you want to make your text bigger and bold, you have many options that give different results.

如果你想让你的文字变大变粗 :miaoa:,你有很多选择,可以得到不同的结果。

  • For large heading add one # in front of the text
  • Smaller than the previous one add 2 # in front of the text
  • Even smaller, but still big add 3 # in front of the text

  • 大标题时,在正文前加一个**#**。
  • 比前一个小,在文字前加2个**#**。
  • 更小,但仍然很大,在文字前面加3个**#**。

If you put more than 3 #, the text will appear just bold.


Example 栗子 - Large Heading / Smaller one / Even smaller one

# Community

## Community

### Community

Results 结果




Large / Small Normal Text 大/小 正常文本

To make the text just big or small, without being bold, add <big> for bigger text or <small> for smaller text


Example 栗子 - Big / Small text

<big> Big text

<small> Small Text

Results 结果

Big text

Small Text

You should always close the above commands otherwise, everything will be either Big or Small. To close them, add either </big> or </small> at the end of the text you want to appear big or small.


For ultra small text, use the following format 对于超小文本,请使用以下格式:


Example 栗子


Result 结果


Text Surrounded By A Box 文字被一个方框所包围

To get something like that: Example all you have to do is add <kbd> at the front and </kbd> at the end.

要得到这样的东西。 例子 你所要做的就是在前面加上<kbd>,在后面加上</kbd>

Note - Always add space between the # and <kbd>

注 - 在**#**和<kbd>之间一定要加空格

Example 栗子 - Text surrounded by a box + header

# <kbd> Header

Result 结果


Table 表格

Something that is been used very often is the table. To create a table, use the following format 经常使用的是表格。要创建一个表格,请使用以下格式。:

| (Option 1) | (Option 2) | (Option 3) |
| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |

You can continue adding options and columns.



|Trust Level|Votes| Option 3|
|TL0|0 Votes|-|
|TL1|5 Votes|-|
|TL2|10 Votes|-|
|TL3|15 Votes|-|


Trust Level Votes Option 3
TL0 0 Votes -
TL1 5 Votes -
TL2 10 Votes -
TL3 15 Votes -

Blue Text 蓝色文本

You don’t have the ability to change the color of the letters, but there is a trick. You can make the text blue, like the text which works as a link, but with the only difference, there will be no link.





[**Blue Text**]()


Blue Text

Image Link 照片链接

If you would like your image to work as a link, follow the format below 如果你想让你的图片作为一个链接,请按照以下格式:

[paste image here](paste link here)


[![Click me|269x187](upload://wWKXru21f7mDKmtec4euL34ZyhE.jpeg)](https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/infinite-flight-faq/288495)


Click me

Earning a Reputation 赢得声誉

Earning a Reputation 赢得声誉

Earning a reputation through Infinite Flight Community Events is one main way to boost the attendance at your event! Earning a reputation isn’t hard either… Why don’t you begin today?

通过IFC活动赚取声望是提高活动上座率的主要方式之一! 赢得声誉也不难。你为什么不从今天开始呢?

How to Earn a Reputation 怎么赢得声誉:

  • Post events on a regular basis (even once a month is fine)
  • Post well thought out events
  • Don’t cancel your events unless necessary
  • Invite VAs/VOs
  • Post something that the community would want

  • 定期发布活动(哪怕一个月一次也可以 :chigua: 比如IFWY :doge:
  • 发布精心策划的活动
  • 除非必要,否则不要取消你的活动
  • 邀请自愿者/自愿者
  • 发布一些社区想要的东西

How NOT to Earn a Reputation 如何赢得声誉:

  • Cancel your events because “It’s not popular enough”
  • Cancel your events because “I want to fly with my Virtual Airline Instead”
  • Cancel your events in general

  • 因为 "不够受欢迎 "而取消活动。
  • 因为 "我想飞我的虚拟航空公司 "而取消您的活动。
  • 取消您的一般活动

^ If you don’t get the point - People dislike signing up for an event just to be told that it’s cancelled. If you don’t need to cancel it, don’t! Make sure you have a free schedule prior to posting your event to ensure the chances of cancellation are decreased.

^如果你不明白这一点–人们不喜欢报名参加一个活动因为被告知活动取消了。如果你不需要取消它,就不要取消! 确保你在发布活动之前有一个空闲的时间表,以确保减少取消的机会。

Section IV - Getting the Community Involved 第四节 —— 让社区参与

Inviting Virtual Airlines/Virtual Organizations 邀请VA/VO

Inviting Virtual Airlines/Virtual Organizations 邀请VA/VO

The Infinite Flight Community was built on the community aspect. One of the main ways the community interacts besides the community forum is through Virtual Airlines (VAs) or Virtual Organizations (VOs). These VAs/VOs usually have daily flights, and communicate amongst each other over a third party platform (slack, discord, etc). One of the main aspects to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community is through community events. While many VAs post their own weekly events, the VA community is always looking for interesting events for their VA to partake in.

IFC是建立在社区方面的。除了社区论坛之外,社区互动的主要方式之一是通过虚拟航空公司(VA)或虚拟组织(VO)。这些VA/VO通常每天都有航班,彼此之间通过第三方平台(slack、discord等)进行交流。增强IFC VA的主要方面之一是通过社区活动。虽然很多VA每周都会发布自己的活动,但VA社区一直在寻找有趣的活动让自己的VA参加。

Events are the lifeblood of the Virtual Airline/Virtual Organization community and takes advantage of the fundamental feature of Infinite Flight Pro. Well-organized events provide an opportunity for Virtual Airlines and Virtual Organizations to come together and fly with each other. Flying together provides moments of camaraderie and are excellent places for community building. When planning your next event, I encourage you to check out the IFVARB Database for VAs and VOs that may be interested in participating in your next event! - @Danman - IFVARB Admin

活动是虚拟航空公司/虚拟组织社区的生命线,利用了Infinite Flight Pro的基本功能。组织良好的活动为虚拟航空公司和虚拟组织提供了一个机会,让他们走到一起,互相飞行。一起飞行提供了友情的时刻,是建立社区的绝佳场所。当您计划下一次活动时,我鼓励您查看IFVARB数据库,寻找可能有兴趣参加您下一次活动的虚拟航空公司和虚拟组织。- @Danman - IFVARB管理员

How To Contact a VA 如何联系一个VA:

  1. Figure out what Virtual Airlines would possibly be interested in your event

  2. Check the IFVARB Database for those Virtual Airlines.

  3. Click ‘View Details’

  4. Contact the CEO or the Events Manager by clicking on their Username

  5. Click ‘Message’ on their IFC Profile

  6. Politely ask if their Virtual Airline would be interested in joining your event! Give details on your event and explain yourself and your plan.

  7. 弄清楚哪些虚拟航空公司可能会对你的活动感兴趣。

  8. 查询IFVARB数据库中的虚拟航空公司。

  9. 点击 “查看详情”。

  10. 点击CEO或活动经理的用户名,联系他们。

  11. 点击他们的IFC资料上的 “消息”。

  12. 礼貌地询问他们的VA是否有兴趣参加你们的活动! 给出你的活动细节,并解释你自己和你的计划。

Know that Virtual Airlines might decline your invite. Just be polite and understand their reasoning to decline


Involving The Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Group - IFATC 邀请IFATC

Involving The Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Group - IFATC 邀请IFATC

The Expert Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control Group (IFATC) loves controlling Infinite Flight Community events but due to the high number of requests for their services, the IFATC team will no longer be accepting direct requests via PM. Instead, Infinite Flight staff will be selecting one (1)-three (3) events per month from the community to incorporate into the Expert Server ATC Schedule.

专家无限飞行空管组(IFATC)非常喜欢管制IFC活动,但由于对其服务的请求数量较多,IFATC团队将不再接受通过PM直接请求。取而代之的是,Infinite Flight的工作人员将每月从社区中选择1-3个活动,纳入专家服务器空管时间表。

Tips to help your event get noticed and possibly get featured:

  • Don’t make events specifically to get ATC services
  • Make your events well-organized
  • Make your events unique
  • Don’t PM @Tyler_Shelton or other IFATC upper management - doing so will disqualify your event from future consideration


  • 不要为了获得ATC服务而专门做活动。
  • 使你的活动有条不紊
  • 让你的活动与众不同
  • 不要给@Tyler_Shelton或其他IFATC高层管理人员发邮件–这样做会使您的活动失去未来考虑的资格。

Read More About IFATC’s Event Policy 阅读更多关于IFATC的活动政策: IFATC Event Policy - Events - Infinite Flight Community





Section V - Official Events 第五节 —— 官方活动

All of these events are currently run by @MishaCamp. He is Social Media and Community Management Staff at Infinite Flight! These are the events that are seen with the #officialevent and/or #fnf tags and tend to see a fair amount of traffic! Let’s take a further look into each Official Event Infinite Flight hosts!

目前所有这些活动都是由鸽王@MishaCamp负责。他是IF的社交媒体和社区管理工作人员! 这些活动都是以#officialevent和/或#fnf标签出现的活动,往往能看到相当多的流量! 让我们进一步了解一下Infinite Flight举办的每个官方活动吧!

Friday Night Flight 周五夜间飞行(定期由@FlightGT 翻译

Friday Night Flight 周五夜间飞行(定期由@FlightGT 翻译

Friday Night Flight (#fnf) has been an Infinite Flight Tradition since late 2015! The idea behind this event is that no matter what occurred during the week; we can all come together through Infinite Flight and explore a region of the world and end the week off right! No signups are required for FNF’s but they must only be posted by Staff Members! All non-official Friday Night Flight events will be closed without warning. If you are wanting to partake in the next Friday Night Flight, check back every Thursday in the #live:events category or on Infinite Flight’s social media platforms! They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @infiniteflight.

周五夜航(#fnf)自2015年下半年以来一直是IF的传统! 这个活动背后的理念是,无论一周内发生了什么;我们都可以通过IF走到一起,探索世界上的一个地区,为这一周画上圆满的句号! FNF的活动无需报名,但必须由工作人员发布! 所有非官方的周五夜间飞行活动将在没有警告的情况下关闭。如果你想参加下一次周五夜航活动,请在每周四的#live:event类别或Infinite Flight的社交媒体平台上查看! 他们可以在Facebook、Twitter和Instagram @infiniteflight上找到。

Flash Flight’s 闪航:zap:

Flash Flight's 闪航⚡️

Infinite Flight Flash Flights are a great way to show how our community truly comes together within roughly a 2-hour time period. These types of events have been occurring since the Live Servers were released to the public in late 2014. @MishaCamp has recently begun a Flash Event Series called “Whacky Racing”. This series aims at bringing the community together for a friendly competition! If you are wanting to partake in the next Flash Flight, be on the lookout in the #live:groupflights category as well as on Infinite Flight’s many Social Media platforms for an announcement @infiniteflight. All flash flights will have the #flash-flight tag.

IF闪航是一个很好的方式来展示我们的社区如何在大约2个小时的时间内真正聚集在一起。自从2014年末向公众发布在线服务器以来,这类活动一直在发生。@MishaCamp最近开始了一个名为 "Wacky Racing "的Flash活动系列。这个系列活动的目的是将社区的成员聚集在一起,进行一场友谊赛! 如果你想参加下一次的闪电飞行,请留意#live:groupflights类别以及无限飞行的众多社交媒体平台上的公告@infiniteflight。所有的快闪飞行都会有#flash-flight标签。

Section VI - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 第六节 —— 常见问题(FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题(FAQ)

Partnerships vs Sponsorships: Whats the Difference? 合作关系与赞助关系。有什么区别?


NOTE: All Event’s involving the joint participation agreement of VA’s/VO’s are considered Partnerships UNLESS money is exchanged!

Events and Groupflights: Whats the Difference? 活动和团体飞行。有什么区别?

#live:groupflights are typically posted within 3 hours prior to the flight whereas #live:events are posted up to 30 days prior to the event. The only real difference is the amount of time the Infinite Flight user base has to sign up for the occasion.


How can I get more people to attend my event? 如何让更多人参加我的活动?

To summarize this tutorial; here are the main points that you should take into account to make your event more appealing to the Infinite Flight Community:


  • Make it interesting (new style of event, cool airport, etc)
  • Host the event on a good date (weekends work best)
  • Host the event at a good time (1600Z-0000Z works best. All depends on your target region though)
  • Partner with Virtual Airlines/Virtual Organizations
  • Promote through social media platforms

  • 让它变得有趣(新式活动、酷炫机场等)。
  • 在一个好的日子里举办活动(周末最好)。
  • 在一个好的时间举办活动(1600Z-0000Z效果最好。 不过这一切都取决于你的目标地区)。
  • 与VA/VO合作
  • 通过社交媒体平台进行宣传(墙裂推荐)

What aircraft can fit in each gate? 每个登机口都能装什么飞机?


Displayed above is the Spawn Size Chart for Infinite Flight. This is the chart that the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team uses when determining the size of the spawn. When planning the gates for your event, use this chart as well!


Can I host an event? What TL do I have to be? 我可以举办活动吗?我必须是什么TL?

As per the Event Community Guidelines by @MishaCamp, if you are a Trust Level 2 (TL2) or higher, you may post an event.


Read This Topic Regarding Why You Must Be TL2 阅读这个话题,关于为什么你必须是TL2?: Why do I have to be TL2 to make events? - #35 by philippe - Meta - Infinite Flight Community

Read This Topic On Trust Levels 阅读此主题关于信任度: Why have I not reach trust level (X)? - Forum Guide - Infinite Flight Community

How do you choose the airports and routes for my event? 你们如何为我的活动选择机场和路线?

For Fly-In’s and Fly-Out’s specifically, choosing the routes can be difficult at times - but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of great resources out there:

特别是对于Fly-In和Fly-Out来说,选择路线有时会很困难–但不必如此! 外面有很多很好的资源:

How do I time my Fly-Ins perfectly so people arrive together? 如何完美地安排我的飞入时间,让人们一起到达?

Fly-In’s take a lot of planning but if they go to plan, it is quite rewarding! Here’s some things that you can do to ensure that your event goes to plan…

飞入的需要很多的规划,但如果他们去计划,这是相当有益的!这里有一些事情,你可以做,以确保你的事件去计划… 这里有一些事情,你可以做,以确保你的事件去计划…

Tips & Tricks:

  • Give pilots set arrival slots
  • Instruct them to takeoff early. Pilots can always slow their aircraft down; can’t always speed up. Taking off early increases the pilots’ odds of hitting their slot time
  • Utilize multiple runways (if applicable)
  • Have a set plan in place - ensure that all participants are aware of this plan
  • Communicate during the event to ensure that the event goes smoothly (IFC Group PM’s work fine)


  • 给飞行员设定到达时间段
  • 指导他们提前起飞。飞行员可以随时让飞机减速,不能随时加速。提前起飞,可以增加飞行员打到空档时间的几率。
  • 利用多条跑道(如适用)
  • 有一个既定的计划----确保所有参与者都知道这个计划。
  • 在活动期间进行沟通,确保活动顺利进行(IFC的PM的工作很好(确信))

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment them down below. My PM box is also open for any inquires on how you can improve your event. Best of luck to all of the event creators on your future events! Can’t wait to see all of the great events!

如果你有任何问题或顾虑,欢迎在下面留言。@Balloonchaser的PM箱是开放的,如果你有任何关于如何改进你的活动的询问。祝愿所有的活动创作者在未来的活动中好运! 迫不及待地想看到所有的精彩活动!

Credits 鸣谢

Lead of Project 领头羊 - @Balloonchaser @infiniteflight_17
Community Manager 社区管理 - @鸽子米沙营
Banner Credits 标语感谢- @Moritz
Special Thanks To 特别感谢- @Aaron.C @Nate_Schneller @Ryan_E @Adam_S @Gliding_Central @ItsBlitz @Drummer @Luke_M @AviationReports @IanD @lucaviness @KaiM @Chris_Hoss @Babacar @Sashaz55 @Krypton @TRDubh @Manav_Suri @Thunderbolt @Charles_S @CaptainLeo1 @Raze @Rob_M @Guxk






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