【 中英双语】如何截出高质量的照片

Hello, fellow community members

Today I would like to share my experience in taking screenshots in Infinite Flight. First of all, I can’t say that I do it very professionally, but I think that my few tips can help someone.
今天,我想分享我关于infinite flight截图的经验。首先,我不能说我做这个非常的专业,但我觉得我的一些技巧可以帮到一些人

1. Try to remember the best moments of your flight. 尝试记住飞行中最棒的瞬间

This is the most impressive rule for photographers. You should definitely remember the moment when there are few aircrafts flying, landing or departing nearby. You can write down the moment on paper and use it during replay.

This photos I took using the method above

2. To get good screenshots always use free camera.截出好照片通常用自由视角

I’m sure most users already know this, but I’ll tell about it. By using free camera you can get just awesome shots, especially with zoom. Personally I found its hard to explain how to use it. Just use you plane (optional) as an object to focus. There can be other objects on the background, but not too much. With zooming you can just make it sweet. Here is my example. In addition, try to make it with some angle like below (optional)

3. New colors - New settings新颜色 - 新设置

Have you ever experimented with the settings of time and visibility? I can say that it is really helpful in getting beautiful screenshot. By mixing fog and sunset/sunrise time, you can get completely different colors. From yellow-orange to pink color! In addition you can just delete ground from you picture - just set the visibility to “low”
你是否曾试验过时间和能见度?我可以说这在得到漂亮的截图上实在是非常有帮助。通过融合雾还有日落/日出,你可以得到完全不同的颜色。从橙黄到粉色!另外你可以通过设置能见度到 “低”来移除地景。
Here is what you can do:

  1. I just set visibility to “low” to maintain focus only on planes, otherwise the viewer’s attentiveness will be lost and the picture will be too bright.


  1. It took a while to find the combination of such colors.


  1. Almost the same picture as number 3, but with moon reflection.

  1. Turning camera to the light side (the side of sun) will help you to get something like this

4. How to make “clouds”如何制造“云”

If you’re flying above fog level (usually it has height up to 10,000ft), you can set visibility to low and get some cool effects which will be instead of clouds on your picture.

5. Moonshot月亮截图

Well, this is the most popular style nowadays. To create something like this you will need:

  • a visual contact with the moon
  • Any time of the day
  • Any type of the plane
  • You plane must be at sky, not at the ground. (Sometimes, very rarely it is possible to make a moonshot on the ground but the quality of the moon will be low. You will have just a white circle :white_circle: :slight_smile:
  1. you need to fly away from you plane using free camera. Don’t forget its location (sometimes it happens with me).
  2. Now try to increase zoom and focus on your plane.
  3. Now find the right camera location to make you plane right before moon.
    Thanks to @Kacey for giving permission to use his photo:)

I hope that someone found my tutorial helpful. Let’s make our community better!