What is a TFR? Temporary Flight Restrictions


A TFR is what each of the letters represent. In short, it’s a defined boundary where there may be restrictions for that given airspace. TFR’s can come in the presence of Permanent & Temporary TFR’s. In the real world and for those in the USA, a Permanent TFR can be observed over our nations capital. Temporary TFR’s can be found over sports arenas where the general public would be exposed to aircraft in the open sky (closed roof stadiums will not receive TFRs), wild fire burn areas, other natural disaster locations, rocket launch facilities like that over Cape Canaveral, etc. Some countries look to use them more than others so if you’re ever interested to see what airspace may have restrictions in your country, be sure to search the web for TFR’s

每个字母代表的是TFR。 简而言之,这是一个已定义的边界,在该边界上可能存在给定空域的限制。 TFR可以在永久性和临时性TFR的情况下出现。 在现实世界中,对于美国的人们来说,可以在我们国家的首都上看到永久的TFR。 临时TFR可以在运动场上找到,那里的公众将在露天暴露于飞机(封闭的屋顶体育场将不会获得TFR),野火燃烧区,其他自然灾害场所,火箭发射设施(如卡纳维拉尔角上空) 等等。某些国家/地区希望比其他国家更多地使用它们,因此,如果您有兴趣查看您所在国家/地区的空域可能有限制,请务必在网络上搜索TFR

In Infinite Flight these will be found on the Expert Server. TFRs are depicted by big red circles as well as small red circles. The diameter of them will vary based on the reason for the placement of the TFR. If the circle is red, this will indicate to you that the TFR is “hot/active”. In some instances a TFR may be place prior to a scheduled event and may be of the color orange. This will let you know that the TFR that is placed there is “cold/inactive” but will go “hot/active” at the scheduled time.

在IF中,这些可以在专家服务器上找到。 TFR用大红色圆圈和小红色圆圈表示。 它们的直径将根据放置TFR的原因而变化。 如果圆圈是红色,这将向您表明TFR是“热/活动”。 在某些情况下,TFR可能位于预定事件之前,并且颜色可能是橙色。 这将使您知道放置在此处的TFR为“冷/不活动”,但将在计划的时间变为“热/活动”。

More information about these TFR’s in Infinite Flight can be found simply by clicking within the TFR and then clicking on the TFR data tag (similar in regards to what you would do with any other airport).

只需在TFR中单击,然后单击TFR数据标签,即可找到有关IF中这些TFR的更多信息 (与您对任何其他机场的处理类似)

To ensure you will not be violating a TFR, its always best to check your route of flight prior to departure and check for any of these depicted “red circles”. It’s also important to note that if you do fly through one, to make sure that you and your aircraft will not be violating any sort of size restrictions that may apply.

为确保您不会违反TFR,始终最好在出发前检查您的飞行路线,并检查是否有任何上述“红色圆圈”。 同样重要的是要注意,如果您确实飞过一个,请确保您和您的飞机不会违反任何可能适用的尺寸限制。

Permanent TFR’s


Eagle, Colorado, USA (KEGE):

  • Issued: 09/02/2016
  • Expires: 09/02/2066
  • Notes: No aircraft larger than a 757 or A321 are permitted at this airport.


  • 发布: 09/02/2016
  • 过期: 09/02/2066
  • 说明: 在这个机场,不允许任何大于757或A321的飞机

Aspen, Colorado, USA (KASE):

  • Issued: 09/02/2016
  • Expires: 09/02/2066
  • Notes: Special Airport Procedures: Runway 15 in use for arriving traffic and Runway 33 in use for departing traffic. All Runway 33 departures must turn right 15 degrees immediately after takeoff to deconflict with arrivals on Runway 15. No aircraft larger than a 757 or A321 are permitted at this airport.


  • 发布: 09/02/2016
  • 过期: 09/02/2066
  • 说明: 机场特殊程序:15号跑道用于到达交通,33号跑道用于离场交通。 起飞后,所有33号跑道的离场都必须立即右转15度,以避免与15号跑道的到达发生冲突。在此机场,不允许任何大于757或A321的飞机

The Rocky Mountain TFR's 落基山TFR

Lukla, Khumbu, Nepal (VNLK):

  • Issued: 10/22/2017
  • Expires: 10/27/2120
  • Notes: Prop General Aviation only. No other aircraft are permitted due to airport size.


  • 发布: 10/22/2017
  • 过期: 10/27/2120
  • 说明: 仅支持通用航空。由于机场规模较小,不允许使用其他飞机。

The Base Camp TFR 大本营TFR

Temporary TFR’s


These temporary TFRs will generally be found on a Friday Night Flight (FNF) event. Not all FNF’s will have a TFR but its something to keep in mind. Infinite Flight Staff will occasionally place these TFRs on, around, or near the focus airport(s) for this weekly event. It’s important to note that you may see restrictions on airports preventing you from flying between certain airports due to the fact that the distance between them is short. This short hop causes a conflict with the controllers who would be dealing with over 200 aircraft trying to depart/arrive the focus airport for this event. These Temporary TFRs in particular are the ones to keep an eye out for because they will be in areas you wouldn’t normally expect. Again, its key to ensure that you have an understanding of the airspace and your route of flight prior to engine start.

这些临时TFR通常会在周五晚间航班(FNF)事件中找到。 并非所有FNF都有TFR,但要记住一点。 IF工作人员偶尔会将这些TFR放置在本周活动的重点机场周围,附近或附近。 重要的是要注意,由于机场之间的距离很短,您可能会看到一些机场限制,使您无法在某些机场之间飞行。 这种短距离跳动与将要处理200架以上飞机试图起飞/到达焦点机场的管制员发生冲突。 这些临时TFR特别值得关注,因为它们将位于您通常不会期望的区域。 同样,它是确保您在发动机启动之前了解空域和飞行路线的关键。

TFR’s in general aren’t meant to scare folks away. It’s a control factor to ensure that folks who would be violating the airspace wouldn’t get in or cause issues with others looking to enjoy a realistic expierence.

总的来说,TFR并不是要吓各位。 这是一个控制因素,可确保将要违反领空的人员不会进入或与希望享受现实体验的其他人产生问题。