Aerofly FS 2021暂时不会在App Store中国区上架

This is sickness. The government is collaborating with those big companies such as Tencent and Netease. On the one hand they do what they called “Entertainment product import regulation” to control what its citizens can see and read. One the other hand they use this to bring trouble to foreign developers to force them to cooperate with those domestic companies and share profits. The Chinese AppStore is literally a junkyard now and is occupied by those agent products, harming consumers and developers, benefiting the government and big companies.

But what’s really unexpected is they are even extending their claws to flight simulators. I mean, what can a flight simulator does harm to the governmental propaganda? The Microsoft flight simulator is banned in China because they use bing map??? What the f**k??? Anyway, I’m sorry this complexed political factor brings trouble to your business. Tens of thousands of Chinese players would really love to see FS2021 on Chinese AppStore and I wish you good luck. BUT DO NOT SUCCUMB TO THOSE AGENT COMPANIES!!! As Aerofly is the last few clean water in the dirty AppStore mainstream.